Wood Therapy

Wood Therapy: a trendy aesthetic technique

Wood therapy is an oriental technique that emerged many years ago, but its novelty is that the devices used are not high-tech, but wooden utensils. This wonderful Wood Therapy treatment not only brings various aesthetic benefits, but also for health. Wood therapy is specially designed to make the fat that accumulates in different parts of the body disappear and convert it into energy, to stimulate lymphatic drainage and to prevent fluid accumulation in the body. On the other hand, it is a treatment that helps improve circulation, is relaxing and anti-stress.

Wood therapy in beauty treatments allows fat to disappear from the different areas of the body where it is accumulated, eliminates cellulite, increases the buttocks and reduces everything that is left over and makes your figure look ugly. This treatment is reducing, firming and on the other hand, improves muscle pain. In facial treatments, by increasing collagen and elasticity, it achieves a smoother, smoother, brighter and therefore more youthful skin.

Utensils used for wood therapy.

There are several utensils that are used:

  • Rollers: there are many and of varied shapes and sizes. There are fluted hub rollers, cob rollers, smooth roller, which is the most widely used. All aim to activate the circulatory and lymphatic system and help to eliminate accumulated fat.
  • Swedish Cup. They are of different sizes and shapes. It is used to treat the localized fat area. In facial treatment it is used to tone the neck and skin.
  • Mushrooms. Well known for reducing cellulite and firming the buttocks and abdomen.
  • Boards. There are many of different shapes and sizes. They are ideal for shaping complex areas and achieving drainage.

The use of these instruments cannot be with dry skin, we must prepare the area where we are going to apply the treatment with essential oils to achieve greater comfort when sliding the utensils through the localized area and achieve more effectiveness in the results without damaging the dermis.

Treatment application:

Each session of wood therapy begins with a massage to remove the accumulated fat on which the treatment is to be carried out and in this way the skin is prepared. Subsequently, the oil that has essential properties is applied and that also soften the dermis and allow a deeper and more effective massage and it is massaged again. Once the skin is prepared, the massage is done with the appropriate utensils. These utensils are used to achieve a balance in the patient’s energy, give a greater firming and toning to the body and eliminate cellulite.

Each session lasts from 20 minutes to 1 hour and the specialists have ensured that from the third session favorable changes are already beginning to be observed, although the final result and the desired benefits are observed after session number 15.

Contraindications of wood therapy.

You should not do this treatment: if you have any wound in the area where the treatment is going to be carried out, an infection in any part of the body, fever, if there is pregnancy, any skin condition, that is, psoriasis, eczema, etc., if you suffer from hyperthyroidism, risky circulatory problems, hernias, cancer, heart or kidney problems and high blood pressure. If the possible patient presents some of these conditions, mentioned above, he must be authorized by his doctor.

Benefits of wood therapy: it has many benefits, both aesthetic and for health:

  • Dissolves fat accumulated in the body and converts it into energy.
  • It is an activator of circulation.
  • Achieve body modeling.
  • Makes cellulite disappear.
  • Helps dissolve fluids that accumulate in the body.
  • Helps eliminate orange peel.
  • Helps weight loss.
  • Helps to increase the buttocks.
  • It is relaxing, anti-stress, helps to resolve muscle aches.



It is recommended to wear girdles 1 to 3 hours after each session to better shape the body and help achieve greater and faster results from wood therapy. After the treatment is finished, you should continue with a healthy diet, do physical exercises and drink plenty of water.

There are no limitations of sex or age, in relation to age it can be done to young and old. Each person knows what they need to remove and shape from their body.

As this article has shown, wood therapy is a treatment that has great aesthetic and health benefits. Its application allows you to remove everything that is left over, put what you lack and shape your body until you achieve the desired figure, but also helps you relax, eliminate stress, anxiety, circulation and muscle pain, because it is Applicable on arms, legs, thighs and back and without having to stand in front of an operating room or damage your skin.

We can only exhort you that if you have motivated yourself to undergo a treatment with wood therapy you can contact us and we will carry out a free evaluation.

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